The future belongs to e-mobility

All over the world pilot projects are underway that focus on manufacturing electric cars. And almost daily new projects are being added. For example, within the focal point "Electric mobility in model regions", the German Federal Government supports eight regional proposals at a rate of 115 million Euros while Industry has committed itself to invest approx. 500 million Euro in this area of development.

The car industry is fully energized

By 2012, 15 car manufacturers plan to have series production of models with electric drives in place – as many as nine manufacturers will be ready by 2010. According to reputable studies, by 2015 three percent of new vehicle registrations in Europe will be e-cars and 30 percent will be hybrid vehicles.

A sense of elation dominates e-mobility. It is about to take the world by storm. If now is not the time to get involved, then when …